10 Gadgets Batman Has But No Longer Uses

Since his comic debut in 1939, Batman has used hundreds of gadgets in his fight against crime. Some of these gadgets, like Batarang, have become very popular and common in social lexicons. Batarang is a flashy bat-shaped shuriken, but Batman never stops using Batarang.

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Batman has many “wonderful toys”, but for every related gadget that has survived to this day, there is another obsolete gadget. To make sure that is ahead of its time, we’ve created a new bat-themed gadget. As a result, gadgets such as the small cassette his recorder and communicator were obsolete, and devices such as his underwater boot jet and Sonic Bat his beacon were used only a few times.

Ten Lie detectors have proven unreliable

At some point in the past, Batman not only put a lie detector on him, but he also had an interrogation room. No. Psychologists have found that lie detectors can be defeated and should not be used as the only way to detect lies, so Batman properly removed it from his arsenal. .

He might carry something to his suit’s onboard computer to read his opponent’s heartbeat, but he doesn’t rely solely on it. These days, Batman can read micro-reactions with his own eyes, and can easily tell when someone is lying.

9 Batnett hasn’t been seen in years

of Batman: Gotham at Midnight #2 By Steve Niles and Kelly Jones, Some enemies tried to take Batman down. Not only did they fail, but Batman responded with new gadgets. Deploys a small tag that explodes after a set amount of time, covering the enemy with a huge net.

These nets were so tight that escape was nearly impossible, but not so tight that the criminals could not breathe. This makes for an effective crowd-control weapon, though Bruce seems to have decommissioned this device and more commonly relies on bolas to restrain his opponents.

A beacon that summons bats via ultrasonic frequencies can only be heard by sound which sounds like a great idea, especially for bat-themed vigilantes. make it easier to fight. They probably believe he is some kind of supernatural being.

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Batman used this device to summon a swarm of bats in Frank Miller’s “Year One” storyline to help Gotham escape from the police.This scene is from Christopher Nolan batman beginsbut no sonic bat-summoning device has been seen in years.

7 Small cameras have been replaced by livestream cameras

For decades, Batman carried a small camera in his utility belt for surveillance missions. Thanks to the evolution of cameras and mobile phones, we no longer need to rely on old things like mini cameras.

His suit is so advanced that he can live stream footage through the lens to the computer in the Batcave. They’ll probably even send the footage back in his 4K. This means you can watch what you want later in real time and in the highest quality.Matt Reeves Batman The movie introduced these high-tech lenses that Batman always uses to record his nightly outings.

6 Microcassette recorders don’t even exist anymore

In the Dark Knight’s early adventures in comics and on television, Batman needed a way to listen and record dialogue. By listening back to previous conversations, he was able to decipher the case and decipher his clues even in exchanges that used codewords.

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It makes sense that Batman’s utility belt was used to carry a mini-cassette recorder, but modern-day Batman prefers the sleekerest, most stealthy technology available. Now that technology is not only obsolete, it doesn’t exist. Far from making cassettes, find a place that even has a tape recorder for playback.

Five Bat Communicator is too simplistic for modern times

Batman’s ability to talk to Robin seems taken for granted now, but it wasn’t in the 1940s. He had only a landline phone to talk to, so being able to talk to someone from anywhere felt like something only a superhero could do.

Both Batman and Robin had communicators that fit on utility belts, making them bulkier and more prone to damage. Tiny communicators are so common that superheroes use them in team-up movies without needing an explanation.

Four Batman’s crayons are not an efficient means of communication

It seems silly for Batman to run around with crayons in his utility belt. But that’s exactly what happened to him in the 1950s, giving Batman a way to create signs and communicate with people without using words.Silver His age was really weird for comics. It was a fascinating time.

Batman adventures have gotten less corny since the ’50s, so unless Bat-Mite is parodied, an event like this will never happen. Additionally, crayons aren’t durable enough to keep utility on his belt for long. Communication via phone and hacking into video feeds is more in line with Batman these days.

3 Flashlights are too low tech for Batman

A version of Batman was created to appeal to a large audience.Some creators wanted Batman to look more like a normal guy. Anyone who can train like him can actually become Batman, which is why he often used low-tech his items like flashlights and regular handcuffs.

A flashlight helps you read files in the dark, so it makes sense for the average person. He would have incorporated a special lens into the cowl. Batman: The Animated Series was set in a fictional world that bizarrely sported high-tech gadgets and also had black-and-white televisions. Batman’s Arsenal was the perfect blend of low-tech and high-tech for that series.

2 Guns defy Batman’s modern code

Batman’s relationship with guns has remained relatively unchanged for decades. He considers guns to be “the tool of the enemy” and refuses to use them in combat for any reason. But it wasn’t always the case. When the character was first introduced, he had no problem using firearms.

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In the 1940s, after comics received stricter guidelines, creators took up Batman’s guns to satisfy censorship. Narratively, the writers have incorporated this shift into Batman’s backstory and mindset: Joe Chill murdered his parents with a pistol, and Batman was killed by the man and others who used deadly force. I wanted to keep my distance.

1 The Underwater Boot Jet was a smart addition to the Batsuit

In the popular “Hush” storyline, Batman and Catwoman were forced to flee underwater from a brainwashed Superman. But escaping the Man of Steel was another matter.

Luckily for him, he was wearing a small jet that happened to be built into his boot. Thankfully they worked underwater. This is a gimmick that Bruce had never used before this manga, and he has never returned to them since. Surprisingly, it was not permanent.

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